I am a self taught artist, sewer, and doll maker.  I've been creating art since I was a kid in Cincinnati, Ohio. In 2008, I moved to Germany. Here I am living out my dream as an artist. I hope to inspire all who see my work to take a closer look at the world around us. Let us all be encouraged to examine the elements of life that bind us all together.




We are more alike than we are different. 


Ich bin eine autodidaktische Künstlerin, Schneiderin und Schöpferin. Geboren und aufgewachsen in Cincinnati, Ohio, habe ich seit meiner Kindheit Kunst geschaffen. 2008 bin ich nach Deutschland gezogen. Hier lebe ich meinen Traum. Ich hoffe, alle, die meine Arbeit sehen, inspirieren zu können, einen genaueren Blick auf die Welt um uns herum zu werfen. Lassen Sie uns alle ermutigt werden, die Elemente des Lebens zu untersuchen, die uns alle miteinander verbinden. 


 Wir sind uns ähnlicher, als wir denken.




Who Am I?
























Hello everyone!

My name is Sharon, I live in Germany.

I’m an artist, a maker, a children’s book author who enjoys sipping tea.

I’ve been around the sun 53 times, married but, no kids.

I live a very simple life and dream of someday living off the grid.


I’m a pretty quiet gal, that’s just the way I am.

I’m vegan, I stick to vegetables;

No dairy, no sugar, no ham.


Don’t think because I don’t talk much that I don’t have much to say.

I use art to express myself in a uniquely, creative way.


I believe the moon is magic 

And the stars sing when they shine.

I believe that love can conquer hate

Love wins every time.


I enjoy being in my garden, it’s nature’s therapy. 

When I’m in my garden I listen to the bees,

And the birds, and the wind.

I get lost in the deep blue sky, 

And greet the faces of my ancestors in the clouds as they roll by.


I love to sing.

I love to dance.

I love to roller skate.

I worked once as a puppeteer and performed on a Broadway stage.


I have a great life in Germany. 

I miss my American family.

I have an awesome, supportive hubby;

sweet and kind, he loves me.

No pets, not yet but, someday soon;

Right now we just don’t have the room.


Ok, I think I’ve said enough, don’t want to be a bore.

I just wanted to introduce myself since I hadn’t done that before.


I’m so grateful for all my internet friends on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m out of words, but, I wanted to share a few

about who I am.



I hope that you enjoyed my rhyme,

Stay safe in these Corona times,

Really, that's all I have to say,

Goodbye and have a fabulous day!